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  • Product name: Manned sightseeing tethered balloon
  • Product number: 146
  • Added time: 2016-10-14
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  Manned sightseeing balloon is a non-powered floating aircraft, and its working principle is basically the same tethered balloon, balloon filled with helium gas, with the cable mooring equipment connected to the ground, relying on buoyancy hover in the air; down, the ground winch Driven, through the cable balloons to the ground landing platform, mainly used for tourism and tourism, air advertising, aerial photography, low-level parachuting and wing-mounted flight platforms and other fields.

Main Specifications:

Indicator category

The name of the metric


Main Specifications

Normal lift height




Balloon volume


Helium cycle

≮3 months

Service life

Airbag, net cover: ≮ 5 years (5 years after the monitoring use)
Ground equipment, basket: ≮ 8 years

Balloon Launch / Recycle Speed


Environmental adaptability

Wind speed: ≯ 13m / s (not more than 6)
Ground high anchor wind speed: 0 ~ 20m / s (8)
Ground low anchor wind speed: 0 ~ 30m / s (11)

Site requirements

- Open ring-shaped areas with a diameter of not less than 70m - No obstructions in the 96 ° headspace

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