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  • Product name: Golden eagle airship
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  • Added time: 2016-10-14
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Golden Carving series airship platform is specifically for the military and civilian aviation market demand for the development of a series of products, has now formed a mature scientific research, production and flight service system. The airship adopts the advanced flight control system to realize the remote control and autonomous flight. It adopts the leading duct steering technology to realize the vertical take-off and landing of the airship and reduce the requirements of the airship to take-off and landing site. The pressure regulating system is equipped with The pressure self-regulation function. The flight control system in addition to monitoring the airship flight parameters, airship status, there are a variety of failure protection, to maximize flight safety. Airship platform can be equipped with high-definition cameras, high-definition cameras and infrared imaging and other modern equipment, according to customer requirements with high-precision automatic control PTZ, it has a wide range of uses.

Golden Carving series airship platform system can be in the barrier-free lawn, highway and other wide ground safe landing, with flexible, superior performance, flight operations is simple and convenient, safe, easy to set up environmental adaptability and other characteristics, Series airship is your best choice for investment in aviation industry.

Field of application

Environmental monitoring, resource exploration, communication relay, industrial patrol line, traffic guidance, emergency rescue, scientific experiments, advertising celebrations, and so on.

Technical characteristics

Golden Carving series airship platform system uses modular design concept, according to the customer's different technical indicators and the use of requirements, configure the different boat equipment, mission equipment and ground equipment.

Golden Carving series airship platform system uses a pressure regulator system can be in the height changes and temperature changes automatically adjust the airship pressure, improved airship environmental adaptability.

Golden Carving series airship platform system to achieve a system-wide integration, in addition to the airship itself, but also integrates the task equipment, helium recovery storage vehicles and mobile boat library, only 4-6 people can field independent operation.

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