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Production system

Companies with an annual output of 12,500 tons of gravity castings, high-pressure castings 1,500 tons, 5 million sets of motorcycle brakes, 200,000 sets of automobile brakes and aviation special equipment for precision machining capacity.

In the production of the company developed a strict production process control system, in order to standardize the production operations, improve production efficiency, safety, and ensure product quality, the company has developed and production-related process control and management of a series of systems.

The Company production model for "collaborative research and development, contract manufacturing" model. In accordance with customer orders, the company arranged product design, casting process design and machining process design, and product large-scale production with customers before the joint development and timely modification of the program in the sample product performance and quality to meet customer requirements , The product of large-scale production. In the entire production process, the company's research and development, quality, production and other departments closely with the real-time product manufacturing process supervision and feedback, to provide customers with a complete product solutions.

The company is in the "contract manufacturing" basis, according to sales orders to organize production, the company finished product does not exist the phenomenon of goods backlog, the company has established a rapid response to the flexible manufacturing system, to make timely response to customer orders, And can be based on real-time customer feedback to improve production processes and process control, in order to achieve the best production results and optimal product quality.

At the same time, in order to achieve the optimal allocation of resources, the company make full use of regional mechanical processing capacity, and has a good mechanical manufacturing processing capacity and improve the surface treatment supporting manufacturers to establish a solid relationship, the brakes, steering gear shell, Room and other products of rough machining and electroplating, dusting and other surface treatment process by the cooperation of foreign manufacturers to complete.

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