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Quality Control

The company established a perfect quality management system and quality assurance system, in 2006 adopted the SGS certification company "ISO / TS16949 quality management system" certification. Over the years, the company always adhere to the "quality first, the user is supreme, the credibility of the best" quality, has consistently adhered to the implementation of total quality management, customer-centric, full participation, the implementation of product quality early planning, potential failure mode and The establishment of product design, development, production, service and product formation of the whole process of quality control system. In order to ensure the overall quality management to run well, the company pays attention to improving the quality of the staff, enhancing the staff's quality consciousness, mobilizing the enthusiasm of each employee, strictly controlling the quality of the process, insisting on the process-based quality control mode to ensure that the product is controlled Production, to ensure long-term stability of product quality. Strengthen the internal audit, identify the weak links and potential improvement opportunities, regularly accept the international certification body of the audit to ensure continuous and effective quality management system to run.

The company's testing methods and process assurance capabilities continue to improve, with all kinds of advanced testing equipment: spectrometer, metallographic analyzer, measuring hydrogen, ultrasonic flaw detector, tensile testing machine, San Zuobiao measuring instrument, brake performance test bed Frame, brake fatigue test stand, brake high and low temperature durability test stand, salt spray test chamber, several universal tool microscope, carton compressive strength tester, laser particle size analyzer, X-ray detector, catalyst sample evaluation tester, vehicle emissions Testing and analysis instrument, chassis dynamometer, catalytic engine bench performance evaluation and aging test bed, atomic emission spectrometer, laser tracker, laser interferometer, etc., with strong light alloy casting products, aviation parts, Automobile and motorcycle brake and catalytic converter product performance testing and quality control capabilities.

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