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R & D strength

Company for the high-tech enterprises and innovative pilot enterprises, with provincial-level technology center, the provincial automotive aluminum products Engineering Technology Center, the company's main products are used by the company's independent research and development, product technology at the advanced level at home and abroad. A total of more than 200 R & D personnel, including more than 30 senior engineer, researcher 4. Accumulated more than 70 patents, published more than 20 core periodicals.

(1) light alloy plate situation

The company adopts advanced tilting casting technology at home and abroad, and has formed a unique semi-pre-filled gravity dumping gravity casting technology. The company introduced the Anycasting casting process simulation software and UJ, Pro-E and other three-dimensional design Software, established a set of casting process design, mold design and processing in one of the R & D center to ensure that the pre-casting process and metal mold design quality. At the same time, the company established a domestic first-class laboratory testing center, with Germany Sparkle direct reading spectrometer, Olympus metallographic microscope, X-ray detector, fluorescence magnetic detector, digital tensile testing machine, coated sand performance test Fatigue endurance testing machine, air tightness testing machine, salt spray corrosion testing machine and other advanced test equipment and casting fluid simulation test room.

(2) the brake plate situation

Company brake plate technology center not only has a research and development backbone team, and has advanced R & D and testing equipment, some of the equipment performance and standards reached the international advanced level, to meet domestic and foreign technical series and test standards testing and testing requirements . Center to independent research and innovation as the basis, technology introduction and joint research and development as the basis, professional testing facilities as a means to upgrade the upgrading of products, promote the internationalization of industry as the focus, to improve economic efficiency as the goal, after years of development basically completed A more perfect research and development (R & D) system. Technology Center in accordance with Japan's Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and other world-class companies on the "Air special" brand joint development of the standard and constant innovation. At the same time, the company and the Wuhan Polytechnic University and industry associations and other third-party cooperation in independent intellectual property rights development, and Honda, Suzuki and other R & D institutions to research and development for high-tech development and application of lay a solid foundation.

(3) aviation equipment plate situation

The company's aeronautical equipment technical center mainly relies on the platform and technical advantages of AVIC's common aircraft sector, mainly researching the equipment and facilities for aviation ground test, aviation components, industrial automation technology and general aviation aircraft. The company has developed a series of products to meet the market demand. Advanced products and equipment, including: iron birds test stand, high-speed water trailers and so on. Has been basically grasp the large-scale structure of high-precision positioning and installation technology, high-precision deep-hole processing technology, thin-walled pieces of precision machining technology and other leading technology, and these scientific and technological achievements into enterprise productivity. Aircraft Equipment Technology Center has imported four-axis CNC equipment and supporting conventional production equipment, and equipped with advanced laser tracker, laser interferometer, ultrasonic flaw detector and other routine testing equipment, to meet the company's daily R & D and production needs.

(4) environmental purification plate situation

R & D lab and performance testing room under the company's environmental purification technology center, based on independent research and development, has established a catalyst research and development laboratories and automotive, motorcycle emission analysis laboratory, equipped with a car, motorcycle chassis, Horiba tail gas analyzer, sample evaluation system, the surface of the instrument, laser materials, chemical adsorption instrument, and other advanced performance testing equipment and characterization of the analysis equipment, with independent research and development capabilities, detection and analysis capabilities and product matching capabilities.

Technology Center has broken through a number of key technologies of catalytic converters, including: high surface area high temperature material preparation technology, connection layer processing technology, precious metal and additive loading technology, durability coating technology, and formed its own core preparation process Technology to obtain a low-cost exhaust catalytic converter with low ignition temperature, high conversion efficiency, wide air-fuel ratio window width and good durability, and has successively completed the development of a plurality of catalyst preparation technology platforms for motor vehicles and realized a batch production process Transformation.

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